Issue Briefs

Current Issue Briefs:

Tanzania’s Gold Sector: From Reform and Expansion to Conflict? (PDF)
Aaron Hall

Environmental Security Concerns and the Three Gorges Reservoir Basin in China (PDF)
Gang Guo

Corporate Social Responsibility and China’s Overseas Extractive Industry Operations: Achieving Sustainable Natural Resource Extraction (PDF)
Chloe Yang

The Coming Crisis: Water Insecurity in Peru (PDF)
Kelley Lubovich

Water and Environmental Security in Globalizing Vietnam: Emerging Risks in the Mekong Delta (PDF)
James H. Spencer

Environmental Security and the Lancang-Mekong River Basin: Conflicting Interests of Stakeholders in China (PDF)
Gang Guo

Improving Environmental Security in Sierra Leone: The Importance of Land Reclamation (PDF)
Kelley Lubovich and Ellen Suthers

Environmental Factors Affecting The Spread of Bird Flu (PDF)
Josh Rothstein

The FESS Issue Briefs series is devoted to providing concise, policy-relevant analyses of environmental security problems from across the globe in an accessible format useful for policymakers, nongovernmental professionals, academics, and business people. From natural resource management and sustainable livelihoods to extractive industries and resource-based conflict, Issue Briefs provide analyses that serve the professional needs of the expanding circle of development and security experts who recognize the growing significance of environmental security problems for public policy and human security in the developing world.

Issue Briefs are distributed electronically to analysts and practitioners in government, academia, the private sector, and nongovernmental organizations.