Working Papers

Current Working Papers:

No. 5:   Cooperation and Competition: ManagingTransboundary Water Resources in the Lake Victoria Region (PDF, 28 pp.)
Kelley Lubovich

No. 4:   Environmental Impact Assessments in Developing Countries: An Opportunity for Greater Environmental Security? (PDF, 38 pp.)
Jennifer Li

No. 3:   Post Conflict Liberia: Environmental Security as a Strategy for Sustainable Peace and Development (PDF, 30 pp.)
Mersie Ejigu

No. 2:   China's Rising Demand for Minerals and Emerging Global Norms and Practices in the Mining Industry (PDF, 44 pp.)
Jennifer Li

No. 1:   Environmental Safeguards and Community Benefits in Mining: Recent Lessons from the Philippines (PDF, 22 pp.)
Jeffrey Stark, Jennifer Li, and Katsuaki Terasawa

FESS Working Papers examine the reciprocal linkages of environmental security problems with other political, economic, and social factors to develop a contextualized understanding of how environmental insecurity is contributing to actual or potential situations of vulnerability, instability, or conflict in specific countries or regions. Examples of questions the Working Papers examine include:

  • How does the concept of environmental security advance the understanding of policy problems in specific regions and countries?

  • Who are the constituencies and stakeholders for environmental security problems and policies?

  • What is the role of governance (local, national, regional, international) in mitigating or aggravating problems of environmental security?

  • How can extractive industries, national governments, international agencies, and communities work together to see that the revenues from national resources contribute to poverty reduction and sustainable growth?

  • What steps can be taken by the U.S. government to mitigate or resolve problems of environmental security in the developing world?

Working Papers are distributed electronically to analysts and practitioners in government, academia, the private sector, and nongovernmental organizations. They also are available in full-text PDF format on the FESS web site.